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Texas Styled BBQ

Chef Charlie & Patty Armstrong


Charlie was born and raised in the Lone Star State and grew up in a small community south of San Antonio. Patty hails from the midwest, but knows a thing or two about sweet southern charm! Together they bring amazing Texas style BBQ to the Valley!

The Brisket is killer!  If you love sweet tea like they do it in the south, definitely stop by for a glass!

Charlie’s Smoke Wagon Menu

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“I recently tried their nachos. They were soooo good! And the staff were super friendly! I am for sure going to be on the lookout for this truck!”

Ricardo L.Facebook Review

“Charlie delivers knock your socks off authentic Traditional Texas style BBQ, smoked meats and Sweat Tea! So good you might say you would kiss a duck to get some more of that on your lips!”

Jeremy A.Facebook Review

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