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Korean BBQ

Husband and wife team Eddie and Virginia Schenck

Virginia was born in Korea and acquired her Korean BBQ skills at home from a young age.  You will taste it in her bulgolgi!

The Gogi tacos are killer!  If you are trying their tacos for the first time, definitely go for the #3 combo and try them all!

If you’re looking for vegetarian options at an event, this is your truck!  The Botco tacos are a favorite and unique vegetarian option.  Keto diets, gluten free and dairy free are accommodated as well!

Hibachibot’s Story

The Food Truck world is filled with chefs who get great joy from feeding others delicious food.  It is their way of giving to the community in a way that feeds their own soul with the joy of others.  Eddie and Virginia Schenck had no idea when they started a family together that their journey would lead them to the Food Truck world but everyone that eats at their truck is sure glad it did!

After losing their 13 year old son to cancer, both decided that they wanted to start a food truck business.  Feeding people became a part of the healing process for the family and their joy, especially Virginia’s infectious smile, is visible when you see them on the truck.

Virginia was born in Korea and learned how to make bulgogi from an early age.  When choosing the type of food they would offer, the decision to introduce a Korean BBQ truck with fresh, easy-to-eat and affordable gourmet street food was an easy one with Virginia’s specialty of bulgogi.  The menu is based around gogi marinade, which is made with fresh ginger, garlic, soy sauce, onion puree, sesame oil, sesame seeds, sweet cooking wine, sugar, salt and pepper.  The superior angus beef is thinly sliced and seasoned with the marinade over night.  The chicken breast is sliced a bit thicker and soaked in the gogi marinade with an addition of gochujang (a Korean ketchup that has a bit of heat).  Tacos, smothered fries, and rice bowls are some of the easy to eat items that contain these bbq’d meats.  And the smell of the bbq as it grills is OUT OF THIS WORLD!  

Virginia’s husband, Eddie, is a talented artist that has a knack for building things.  The robot you see in front of the truck showcasing the menu is one of his incredible creations.  The name “Hibachibot” was invented as an addition to the robot theme that can be seen in their menu and decor.  Combining art and food, and doing it together, is this couple’s mission and their way to heal.  Stop by and say hi next time you see them out on the streets.  You will find delicious food unlike anywhere else!

See what others are saying about Hibachibot!

The bot balls are so delicious. I was craving them all week and I’m so glad I as finally able to get my hands on them. The texture and taste are on point and will have any “mac and cheese ball” crying to their mother.

Analesa R.Facebook Review

Best food truck ever!!!!!! Love the robot built by Eddy. We have tried almost everything on the menu, the food is delicious and portions are generous. Virginia and Eddie are super friendly. If you haven’t had food from Hibachibot you are missing out.

Louise J.Facebook Review

Omg!!!! Seriously best korean beef I’ve ever had! We went back and bought 2 more gogi beef rice bowls for left overs!!!! So AMAZING!

Heather K.Facebook Review

Some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. The flavor of the beef is nothing short of amazing. I’d eat these a few times a week if I could. Check them out.

Jason P.Facebook Review

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