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Beignets and Coffee

Polo & Ngoc Trung

A regular order of Beignets just like you find in New Orleans can’t be beat!

Based in Chandler but will travel all over Central Arizona!

The Beignet & Coffee Shack Story

The Beignet & Coffee Shack is Food Truck concept #2 for Polo and Ngoc Trung.  You will find them in The Lemongrass Shack when they aren’t serving up beignets!  If you’ve followed Polo through his journey of bringing his native Cambodian street food to the Valley (or checked out The Lemongrass Shack page), you know to expect nothing less than greatness when it comes to the food he puts out the window.   As Polo and Ngoc add a second Food Truck to the Shack family, it only makes sense for it to have roundabout ties to Ngoc’s Vietnamese culture!

As Polo and Ngoc passed through New Orleans many years ago, they stopped at Cafe Du Monde and experienced beignets for the first time…sort of.  Ngoc, originally from Vietnam, recognized the bread of the beignet from home where they serve Dầu chéo quẩy, a fried bread stick, with soups and other entrees.  Considering the French influence in both Vietnam and New Orleans, the similarity in the dough is not surprising.  As soon as she experienced the sweet version for the first time, she was hooked!

While Polo works on the Food Trucks full time, Ngoc helps out when she isn’t in the air working as a flight attendant.  Beignets became such a favorite treat of hers, as well as her coworkers, that she made sure to pick some up every time she passed through New Orleans.  They are such a simple and addictive little treat!  Lucky for us, they have brought one of their favorite treats to the streets of Arizona in The Beignet and Coffee Shack!

Be careful though…The Beignet and Coffee Shack is having the same effect on people as The Lemongrass Shack.  Once you taste it, you crave it!! You’ll be tagging your food pictures with #stalktheshack before you know it!

The Beignet & Coffee Shack Menu

Food Trucks are tricky kitchens to work in and one of the smartest things for a chef to do is start small and expand his menu as he finds the rhythm of his kitchen. Watch for an expanded menu after a few months of Polo getting his footing and is able to let his creativity delight our tastebuds!

You will find coffee straight from Cafe Du Monde, Polo’s famous Thai Tea and traditional Beignets on the menu along with other surprises as they try new things out!

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Omg sooo good!!! Those beignets were heaven!!!

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Oh my!!!! Everything was AMAZING!!!

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