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A: The connection between Food Trucks and the Public.

Feel like you’re on an island as a small business owner?

Food Truck Threads is the mainland…exposure catches leads and makes sales!

Food Truck Threads is built with the mission to help each of you become a stronger thread in this community.  It provides a connector between the entire industry and the public by acting as a central hub.  We rise together!!  Easier access to the tools you need to implement your strategy are part of the package too.  I’ll help you figure out how to improve your strategy and can provide you with the tools you determine you need.  (Call me anytime.)

Spend less time looking for places to book your truck and make your phone start ringing!  While I’m busy reaching out to people to send them to Food Truck Threads to book trucks, you can be out serving the customers excited to enjoy your food.

Check out the 3 different membership types and choose the one that fits your needs the best.  Whether you want to take control of your own leads, need someone else to be the one that makes the initial contact or if you just want to make sure you are in the Food Truck “store” so the public is familiar with your truck and food, there is a solution for you!

Thank you for being you and doing what you do in the industry!  I look forward to helping you connect with people looking for delicious street food in Arizona!

Talk to you soon!
Julia Martinez
(480) 729-3214 (call or text)

A #2: The place for Food Truck owners to find support and helpful tools.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel!  The AZ Food Truck Family works best collaboratively! 

The Helpful Links & Contacts page has referrals from other truckers for every kind of person you need to run your business.  Try out the Net Profit Calculator to see if you are profiting as much as you think at events and use it to determine if your chances of making money at an event are there before you commit to it!