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Hello and Welcome to Food Truck Threads!

The Food Truck Industry has spent the last decade changing the way people eat as it slowly crawls across the nation.  If you had told the top chefs in the country 30 years ago that fine dining would decline and eating amazing food in parking lots would rise, they would have no doubt laughed in your face.  Yet here we are!

Food Trucks have created a stage for chefs who want more creative freedom than working for a restaurant provides as well as people who aren’t formerly trained but love to cook and want to feed people amazing food.  The only problem is how hidden they become while working their magic inside the truck.  It’s time for that to change.  It’s time for the window to be opened.  You have no idea what you are missing!

As someone who has spent years as a Food Truck event promoter as well as assisting in running the day to day operations of both a savory and sweet truck, I have seen the magic that people without inside connections are missing.

The view is different from the other side of the window!

During service, everyone is busy inside their truck.  It is only during setup and breakdown when the event goers have left that the chefs come out and let their personalities shine.  They talk about their latest creations, how they came up with their favorite dishes, where they learned to cook and why, different countries where they grew up and the cultural part of cooking they brought with them, what drives them and what they hope to bring to the community.  The people, their stories, the passion, the creativity with flavors and combinations, the food made from scratch that takes the culinary scene to the next level…this is what I see when I see a Gourmet Food Truck.

My vision for Food Truck Threads is big and it will take time to grow.  It is a portal into the world of street food and crazy food truck antics, a way to connect with local Food Trucks, a place to get food truck clothing and merchandise, a place to find clothing and merchandise for local food trucks and a way to find food trucks at events.

Few realize the chef and talent that is preparing their meal at many Food Trucks

I can’t wait to share with you what I find as I go on an adventure of a lifetime to dive into the world of Food Trucks and introduce you to the Street Chefs, Food Trucks, the amazing Street Food and the community that makes this corner of the food and beverage industry unique and awesome.

Let it be your guide for your own adventure as you experience Food Trucks in a new way…one with the curtain pulled back so it’s easier to connect with the Chefs and Food Truck owners making the biggest impact on your community and have the street food that will make your mouth water.

It is time for the Food Truck industry to be exposed.  To the Food Truck fans, you have only seen the tip of the iceberg of this industry and you don’t even know it.  Welcome to the Food Truck world!  Let’s have a delicious adventure. 🙂

Happy Eating!

Julia Martinez

Food Truck Threads Founder & President

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